Teaching Activities

The teaching activities are divided into the categories Concepts, Methods an Practices, with the overarching learning objective:
To develop student’s knowledge and skills for how to design technology that mediates human collaborative interaction.
See the overview for more information about how they can be used.


  • Recognize and describe different aspects of collaborative interaction.
  • Analyse and critically reflect on how collaborative interaction is mediated by technology design
Pedagogical Patterns


  • Identify and describe direct and indirect stakeholders of a collaborative technology design.
  • Elicit stakeholder requirements for collaborative technologies.
  • Integrate considerations for collaborative interaction into the design process.
  • Analyse, evaluate and critically reflect on the impact of a technology in collaborative interaction in context
Pedagogical Patterns


  • Recognize, design, and analyse relevant factors for the design and collaborative aspects of multi-display environments.
  • Recognize, describe, and analyse relevant factors for the design of technologies for co-located interactions.
  • Recognize, describe, analyze and integrate hybrid collaboration aspects in the design of collaborativetechnologies.
  • Recognize and describe relevant taxonomy for extended reality, and analyse aspects in synchronous extended reality remote collaboration systems.
  • Recognize and describe different aspects of collaborative society.
Pedagogical Patterns

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